Beef soup

490 RSD

Veal pottage

510 RSD

Mushroom pottage

510 RSD


Goose liver terrine (fois gras)

3.600 RSD

Gourmet cheese selection

1.540 RSD

(Gorgonzola, Brie, smoked cheese, Parmesan)

Serbian appetizer for two

3.100 RSD

Local products with geographical origin (Njeguši prosciutto, Petrovac kulen sausage, smoked pork neck, beef prosciutto, Pirot cheese, Sjenica cheese, homemade ajvar spread, pork cracklings, cream, white beans)

“Urnebes” spread

450 RSD

(cheese, ajvar, garlic, spices)


620 RSD

Njeguši prosciutto

1.100 RSD

Beef prosciutto

1.150 RSD

Home-made pork cracklings

770 RSD

Sjenica cheese

530 RSD


Gourmet pork tenderloin

1.950 RSD

(pork tenderloin, Njeguši prosciutto, smoked cheese, cream, rustic potato wedges)

Game stew

1.850 RSD

(wild boar meat, venison meat, gnocchi, spices)

Mediterranean style veal

1.750 RSD

(veal neck, carrots, baked potatoes)

Veal shank

2.100 RSD

(slow-baked, potato purée, spinach)

Lamb cubes

1.950 RSD

(slow-roasted lamb, mashed potatoes, spinach, garlic)

Turkey breast in gorgonzola sauce

1650 RSD

(turkey breast, gorgonzola, spices, basmati rice with herbs)

Pork ribs

1.650 RSD

Chicken breast with prosciutto

1.550 RSD

(chicken breast, prosciutto, oregano, white wine, demi-glace sauce)

“Mlinci” pasta with smoked turkey drumstick

1.650 RSD

(smoled turkey drumstick, homemade “Mlinci” pasta, Mileram cream, spices)


Tagliatelle with prosciutto and truffles

1.650 RSD

Tagliatelle with beef steak and sun-dried tomatoes

1.600 RSD

“Aglio&olio” pasta

1.100 RSD

Risotto with four types of mushrooms

1.450 RSD

Risotto with chicken and gorgonzola

1.450 RSD


Shopska salad

480 RSD

Garden salad for two

950 RSD

Serbian salad

440 RSD

Tomato salad

410 RSD

Tomatoes with cheese

460 RSD

Tarator salad

440 RSD


540 RSD

Fresh cucumber

410 RSD

Vitamin salad

480 RSD

Roasted peppers with garlic

440 RSD

Chili pepper

150 RSD

Homemade ajvar

480 RSD


Chocolate soufflé

540 RSD

Chocolate mousse

540 RSD

Pistachio baklava

610 RSD

Crème brûlée

540 RSD


540 RSD

Floating island

540 RSD

Tres leches cake

600 RSD

Custard slice

540 RSD


540 RSD