"...we would choose Kalemegdanska Terasa again..."
Ivana & Kiril Gerogievski
"...a perfect day in perfect surroundings..."
Zorana & Antonio Ioffrida
"...magnificent, unrepeatable, magical..."
Andrea & Luis
"...perfect ambiance, service, food!"
Jovana Brakočević Canzian & Marcello Canzian
The day of the wedding is the one dreams become reality. Hopes and expectations, formed through the years to the tiniest detail, will be fulfilled at Kalemegdanska terasa. Green surroundings, river view and city lights in the background are a fairytale scenery on their own. If, with a bit of imagination, you complement the space of Kalemegdanska terasa with an excellent band and wedding decoration our experts’ team has to offer, all your dreams will be fulfilled. The sunset here will be the gift of Nature to your special day. The intimate atmosphere in which your guests will enjoy the menu you created with our Master Chef will be the unforgettable part of the day that celebrates Your love.